Effective protection against heat, flames, moisture and hazardous liquids

Most of your S-GARD turnout coats and pants feature a GORE® membrane system that is permanently waterproof and reduces heat stress. Breathable, high-quality materials enhance comfort and significantly extend the equipment’s service life. Every prototype has to pass through the Gore rain tower test so you can rest assured that your GORE-TEX clothing will be waterproof even under extreme conditions.

GORE-TEX layer system

The GORE-TEX membrane between the insulating layer and the face material is resistant to heat and cold over a range from +327°C to -250°C, it protects against chemical contamination from pH 0 to pH 14, and is still permanently waterproof even after 25 wash cycles.


The functional layer with GORE-TEX AIRLOCK® Spacer techno­­logy works like an air cushion to protect you from heat, moisture and hazardous liquids. The insulation layer between the face material and the inner lining is especially light and breathable. Sweat and water vapor can easily escape and evaporate. As a result, your protective clothing dries quickly and the risk of injury from scalding is reduced. These flexible and lightweight materials also provide ample room to maneuver.


Water-repellent face material, a GORE-TEX WINDSTOPPER® membrane and the warm, soft inner lining ensure you are always appropriately dressed for work in any weather conditions. Your clothing is absolutely windproof but it’s also breathable and comfortable to wear.


We use the GORE® PARALLON™ system as the insulating layer and moisture barrier in our ULTIMATE jackets and pants. It was specifically developed to reduce the hazards of heat stress and burns,. especially in connection with moisture such as extinguishing water and rain. The protective effect is reduced if the inside of the jacket or pants gets wet. Heat transfer and escape times are also shortened. The lightweight, breathable and waterproof system is a heat shield against extreme heat and scalding that still gives you full maneuverability.


We utilize the GORE® PARALLON™ system for the ULTIMATE range so that neither moisture nor heat can accumulate between layers and cause burning and scalding. It combines breathable heat insulation with a GORE-TEX moisture barrier. It consists of two membranes with the thermal insulation between them. The special design ensures a high level of breathability that in turn reduces the danger of heat stress. Sweat is also quickly wicked away from the skin. This keeps the insulating layer dry and you are less exposed to the risk of scalds and burns. Simultaneously, the system prevents moisture from penetrating from the outside. It keeps you going in tough conditions.


  • Constant high level of heat protection even in wet conditions
  • Prevents scalds and burns
  • Reduces the risk of heat stress
  • Comfortable, lightweight and breathable with high maneuverability
  • The clothing stays light even in rain as it absorbs very little water

GORE-TEX seam seals and blocks moisture

Every seam and even the smallest seam holes are permanently watertight! This is guaranteed by the special GORE-SEAM® TAPES combined with the comprehensive GORE® seam sealing technology. Together they make your clothing lighter, safer and more durable. They keep your clothing light and you stay dry even if the original water and oil-repelling impregnation on the face material begins to fail after numerous cleanings or frequent use. This is achieved using moisture blocks specifically designed by Gore in the front, sleeve and torso sections. They prevent penetration by rain, extinguishing water and other liquids. This also reduces the risk of scalding through heat buildup.

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