You are exposed to flames and high temperatures in your work. We protect you from heat stress.

If you compare the current hazard analyses of fire services around the world with the results of previous years you will notice that the number of burns and scalds is on the decline. The reason for this is that protective clothing now affords increasing amounts of insulation and can withstand ever higher temperatures. However, this goes hand in hand with a significant increase in strain caused by heat stress.

“Instead of suffering from burns, more firefighters are succumbing to circulatory collapses caused by overheating and exhaustion,” says Markus Schmid, responsible for development at S-GARD. This was exactly our starting point for the development of the ADVANCE PROGRESS series. “We decided to opt for an especially lightweight layer design for the jackets and pants so that you are exposed to as little heat strain as possible. They enable body heat to dissipate quickly and the overall light weight significantly improves comfort,” explains the expert.

Light layers – top protection

ADVANCE PROGRESS clothing also affords you reliable protection from flames, heat, contamination and weather conditions. “That is why we use a resilient material mix for the outer fabric. The membrane used as the middle layer makes the coat and pants impermeable to extinguishing water and protects the insulating lining from hazardous contaminants,” says Markus Schmid about the benefits of the layer design.

The statistics in coming years will show whether and to what extent new product developments reduce the risk of fatigue and exhaustion. We at S-GARD have taken up the challenge.

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