Makes you strong in the face of danger.

We work with PBI® to reliably protect you and your team members from heat, flames and hazardous chemicals. This high-performance fiber was originally developed for NASA and the U.S. Air Force; its efficacy as a material for protective firefighting clothing was soon discovered. PBI® has proven its worth thousands of times in test institutes, firefighting colleges and in real conditions.

S-GARD offers two product series featuring PBI® as the outer fabric of deployment gear: TITAN and ULTIMATE with GORE-TEX PARALLON™ system.

Indestructible and comfortable
PBI® is extremely resistant to flames and heat: The fiber does not start to disintegrate until temperatures exceed 700°C and is a very poor conductor of heat. That makes it ideal for use in protective firefighting clothing. Even extended contact with fire and many years of intensive use do not make the material brittle, break or tear.

Protective clothing made of PBI® is also suitable for deployments where chemicals are involved. The high-performance material affords reliable protection from acids, lyes, solvents and other hazardous chemicals.

In addition, PBI® fibers are extremely strong, dimensionally stable and hard-wearing. Fabric made from PBI® is nonetheless light, pleasantly flexible and therefore very comfortable to wear. This can be decisive in situations where every movement counts.

You and your team will benefit from the outstanding durability of PBI® fibers for years to come – guaranteed.

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