Committed to the protection of life and limb – For over 120 years.

Made by S-GARD®. For many professionals, this is a set quality expression when it comes to protective clothing.

It all started in Heinsberg in the year 1887 when Hubert Schmitz opened a weaving mill for special fabrics here in the German-Dutch-Belgian border area. At that time, he was probably not conscious of the fact that he would be laying the foundations of one of the leading firms for most modern protective clothing in Germany and Europe. In the course of the last twelve decades, our company has always come up with new ideas. Innovations are an important basis for the development of our products, because comfortable and durable protective clothing that meets the highest safety requirements every day only comes from continuous development.

At S-GARD®, this is regarded as standard. Just like the quality management system based on ISO 9001 and a certification according to Article 11B of the European Directive "Personal Protective Equipment".

Today, S-GARD® is at home wherever danger lurks and where people present special challenges to their clothing and equipment like in operations of the fire brigade, rescue services, industrial plants, plant and machinery installers, road and traffic enterprises, waste disposal firms and in public service.

S-GARD® develops very individual solutions for most diverse operational areas – all based on the proven principle:

Highest protective effect with optimum wear comfort.

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