Safety Tour

Burning to practice with the Safety Tour

“Fire brigade operations belong to the most dangerous activities”.

Indeed everyone at the fire brigade is familiar with this excerpt from the regulation for prevention of accidents. But has really every firefighter internalised this?

Because in plain terms that means:

Only those who are absolutely physically fit and wide awake have what it takes for operations in the firefighting service.

Though just as important as physical and mental fitness for an operation is correct personal protection, i.e. protective clothing, plus the right way of using it. In order to recognise and assess risks, strengths and particularities properly, we started the S-GARD® Safety Tour in 2008.

Under the guidance of an experienced trainer, firefighters are trained to handle their clothing and equipment safely – in both theory and practice.

Technical assistance, heat conditioning, the right way of handling thermographic cameras, jet pipe training and smoke gas phenomena... These are only some of the topics of the S-GARD® Safety Tour.

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